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Hyland / Highland Healthcare robocall


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Medical related scams targeting the elderly is very common in the world of telephone fraud. Scammers will often pose as MediCare representatives or just people wanting to help with applications for disability benefits/claims in hopes of getting personal information such as social security numbers, account numbers and much more. These calls are usually unsolicited, and a call-back number is listed in voicemails.

Illegal telemarketing by medical insurance and supply companies is also extremely common. One type of solicitation that is pernicious is the healthcare enrollment scam, whereby a sales agent tries to push boutique incident-specific medical insurance and pass this type of coverage off as a full-benefits medical insurance policy. Some policies are so skimpy that they only cover a named-insured when that person is traveling; it's meant to be sold only to travelers heading overseas.

The best way to bait this scam would be using fake information; using very long names that can take a while to spell and waste time.

The most well-known company behind this type of scam is National Disability (also known as Citizens Disability), where they take advantage of robocalling technology to lure victims in.

Note: BobRTC will only list numbers that have appeared in robocalling campaigns or the number is tied to an entity that is known to send large amounts of unsolicited telephone calls.

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Some helpful directory information about this number I found:

Carrier: Onvoy, LLC


Line Type: voip

Country: US

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