(914) 339-9618 IRS/SSA/CRA Scam

IRS/SSA/CRA   Peerless Network

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SSA. Fraudulent activities in the state of New York. Live male recording http://nomorobo.com/lookup/914-339-9618 

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SSA scams are government-impersonation scams. Listen here to hear what an SSA scam sounds like. Similar to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) scams of old, this involves a scammer stating that you are under investigation or you have an arrest warrant issued due to illegal activity conducted by someone else who was using your own identity. No matter the agency being impersonated, all scripts to these scams end with the scammer trying to get the victim to buy lots of gift cards and reading out the gift card serial numbers so the scammer can withdraw the money without being traced.

How to bait it

Demand to know why you were called by them. Insist on not giving a full Social Security number but a partial, or use a very long name and spell it out to the scammer slowly at the beginning of the call.

SSA scammers have grown to become very large scam shops in India with several thousand individuals working this type of scam any given week. Many computer refund scammers switch back and forth to SSA scams to break up monotony or to avoid attention of Indian authorities.

Nearly all SSA scams originate in India with a few minor call centers doing this in the Phillippines and Pakistan.

Both a Canadian and a UK version of this scam exists with the scammers pretending to be SIN-based scams and HMRC, respectively, following the identical script to the US version with only minor adjustments to the culture/region being targeted with the scam.

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Some helpful directory information about this number I found:

Carrier: Peerless Network

Subscriber: SECUR S

Line Type: landline

Country: US

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Vouching for this number and publishing it.

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