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(888) 909-2529 Lead Generator Scam

Miscellaneous   Zipwhip - Toll-Free - SVR

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Lead generators are telephone numbers running advertisements. Typically a lead generator operates on a toll-free number not assigned to any business or subscriber. To generate income, the phone carrier that is providing the telephone number enters a contract with a telemarketing company to run ads on the unassigned number. This is the phone-equivalent of 'domain squatting'. Some advertisements running on lead-generators are legitimate but often lead generators directly connect customers to scam callcenters.

One of the largest lead-generators is Comet Media, whom in 2020 was caught running a COVID-19 scam. Youtuber IRLRosie placed a call to Comet Media documenting the scam.

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Some helpful directory information about this number I found:

Carrier: Zipwhip - Toll-Free - SVR

Subscriber: TOLL FREE CALL

Line Type: voip

Country: US

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Vouching for this number and publishing it.

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