(888) 667-0218 Student Loan Scam

Student Loan   Unknown (check 800forall.com)

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student loan central processing robocall


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This phone scam targets college students having trouble paying off their student loans. Robocalls are usually sent out from the “Student Loan Forgiveness Center” wanting to help with student loan debt. A series of questions will be asked by an IVR to see if the victim is qualified for student loan forgiveness. After being transferred to a real person, the victim will be required to give out certain info such as their full name and their Federal Student Aid ID. Later, a large upfront fee is introduced to the victim; where the scammer pressures the victim into paying the fee.

Scambaiting a student loan scammer is relatively simple. They mostly search for graduates no longer attending school who owe substantial amounts above $6,000 and higher. Bombard the telephone agent with questions about re-payment, which documents are required to be filed, and why you need to turn over your FSA password to the scammer.

Student loan scammers are in constant hiding from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, so be sure to report any interaction with a student loan robocall here.

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Some helpful directory information about this number I found:

Carrier: Unknown (check 800forall.com)

Subscriber: TOLL FREE CALL

Line Type:

Country: US

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Number is active

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Student Loan Scam (the press 2 / press 9) variety. Number owned by "HFA Holdings LLC". Am FCC document states the company no lumber provides telecom services as of 2019 (and yet, here we are).

Received $350k in PPP funding (all payroll) and it was "forgiven".

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