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(877) 926-0222 Travel Scams/Cruise/Vacations Scam

Travel Scams/Cruise/Vacations   Unknown (check

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Travel and vacation scams are very common forms of telephone fraud. This scam involves either the victim looking for cheap flight tickets which redirects them to a phony travel agency, or sometimes call centers offering free luxurious cruises and vacation packages. Almost every fake travel agency has a website where their number(s) are featured.

The travel agency scam is simple. Once the victim is done explaining where they would like to fly and giving out personal information, they will receive an email confirming the flight. Days later, another email will be sent out explaining that the flight was cancelled and the victim should call them back immediately. Upon calling back, the scammer will try to sell another flight for a higher price. Large sums of money will also be taken out of victims’ accounts without their knowledge.

To bait this scam, waste the scammers’ time as much as possible. It helps to have a list of fake info ready. Act curious, and ask various questions about accommodations and other things relating to the flight.

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Some helpful directory information about this number I found:

Carrier: Unknown (check

Subscriber: TOLL FREE CALL

Line Type:

Country: US

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Vouching for this number and publishing it.

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