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(877) 237-4244 Miscellaneous Scam

Miscellaneous   Unknown (check 800forall.com)


BobBot bot

Some helpful directory information about this number I found:

Carrier: Unknown (check 800forall.com)

Subscriber: TOLL FREE CALL

Line Type:

Country: US

fermen hunterhighrollerdonor

good xp farming number


good xp farming, just turn on rapid redial and leave it....


Here's how to get around 2 Hrs of XP and Call Tokens

1/ Hit dial number

2/ Allow the call to continue until you get the menu options, this takes 3 Minutes 47 Seconds

3/ At this menu wait until it asks 'Please enter your selection'

4/ Put your cursor In the the Digit Wizard box to allow entering data

5/ In the digit wizard box, press the Numeral 2 followed by a space, Repeat this key press combination and keep count, look to get hitting the numeral 2 key at 1 second intervals eg 2[space]2[space]2[space] etc, etc, etc

7/ Stop entering the key combinations above when you have pressed  the 2 key 59 times. values above 59 will result in the call hanging up.

The process above will keep the Answering machine going from anywhere between 1Hr 43Minutes to 1Hour and 59 Minutes with no input from the user.




active as xp farmer

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