(844) 753-0863 Amazon Customer Support Impersonation Scam

Amazon Customer Support Impersonation   Zipwhip - Toll-Free - SVR

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"you have been charged $379.99 on your amazon account"


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The Amazon customer support scam is a variation of the traditional computer refund scam. The victim will receive a call that there is either an unauthorized purchase made on their Amazon account or that an Amazon Prime subscription is being renewed without their consent. The scammer pretending to be an Amazon representative will connect to the victim’s computer via remote access software. After the victim logs into their Amazon account as well as their bank account, the scammer takes advantage of Command Prompt or HTML5 to “refund” the money back to the victim’s account. The scammer will then inform them that either the victim or themselves made an error and deposited too much money, which results in asking for large amounts of gift cards.

Some different methods with this scam are just as simple as ordering large amounts of digital gift codes through your Amazon account and giving them to the scammer. This is not as common as the former method though.

To bait this scam, use a virtual machine and carry out everything the scammer asks you to do slowly. You can use NorthWatch as your fake bank. We also have a virtual machine you can use here.

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Deleted User 

Some helpful directory information about this number I found:

Carrier: Zipwhip - Toll-Free - SVR

Subscriber: TOLL FREE CALL

Line Type: voip

Country: US

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I called in as several different people using my "old man voices" (hooks them every time lol)... the script leads to them having you go to www.trackmyorder.us and amazontrackorder.us (fake Amazon websites obviously) I told them everytime the the website was blocked by Google for "website being used to scam people". They got frustrated everytime! LOL! I reported both websites.

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