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Gift Cards (Wal-Mart, etc.)   Terra Nova Telecom, Inc. - FL

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Gift Cards


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The typical gift card scam involves the victim receiving the news that they have been awarded a “free gift voucher” which usually has an amount of $100 on it. After giving out personal information to the scammer, a shipping and handling fee for the voucher is mentioned. Once the victim agrees to pay for it, an automated system is activated by the scammer which requires them to state their personal information such as credit card numbers and addresses so it can be recorded.

In reality, there is no gift voucher being sent. The victim is instead being signed up for a 30 day trial for a shopper’s club which will take a large amount of money out of their bank account monthly.

The best way to bait this type of phone scam is to give out fake information to the scammer, using very long names and spelling them slowly. Most free gift card scams originate from India, but it isn’t uncommon to be redirected to a call center in the United States or Mexico. This offer is regularly showcased on Comet Media’s lead generators.

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Some helpful directory information about this number I found:

Carrier: Terra Nova Telecom, Inc. - FL


Line Type: landline

Country: US

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Number is active and answering now.

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