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(701) 997-1518 Political Action Committee (Scam PAC) Scam

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Back Blue Lives PAC

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Phone Number: 701-997-1518
Date of this Report: June 10, 2021
Phone Line Type: VOIP
Phone Company: BANDWIDTH.COM
Phone Location: ND

TextNow: Robo pitch for a donation of $50 or $35
Records department confirms contribution then gets name and address. This scammer probably caught on and said the contribution package would be sent to the provided address. 

More Detail:
This is John with back blue lives pack. As you know, our police officers are being defunded demoralized and disrespected, and they put their lives on the line every day without the support of many politicians. It's time to say enough is enough. The organization is having its fundraising drive to support lawmakers who will stand with brave men and women in blue. So can you help us protect our police officer's lives and rights with a one time donation for the drive? Are you there? Okay, goodbye.


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This number is a U.S.A. political action committee, a type of non-profit that some may classify as a "scam PAC". BobRTC can neither confirm nor deny that this particular organization is indeed a 'scam PAC'; however we can confirm that it is calling people.

A "scam PAC" is any type of political action committee that engages solely in fundraising activity and spends a paltry amount of its receipts towards political causes that it describes as its mission. For instance: a scam PAC might collect $17,000,000 USD in revenue one year but only donate $50,000 of that revenue towards a few political candidates while the bulk of that fundraising revenue was consumed by salaries, fundraising expenses and in many cases: self-dealing vendors.

The most well-known scam PACs are fundraising "on behalf of police, firefighters and first-responders." However, most of these PACs spend over 80% of their income on telemarketing, salaries and other fund-raising expenses and only a small sum of money goes towards political candidates or lobbying causes on behalf of any of those groups.

For more information on scam PACs, visit here.

Here are some strong signs you might have been called by a scam PAC:

-  The first agent that answered the line was a quite-clever AI robot.

-  For police and firefighter PACs an authoritarian-sounding white-male baritone voice is used to make callers believe that a retired police officer, firefighter or a public-servant union representative is making the phone call. You can trip up these AI-robots by asking current-events or trivia questions that the AI robot is not prepared to answer.

-  Some scam PACs go a step further and do not do a live hand-off of the call after the first robot has received indications that you are interested in donating, but instead hands the call off to yet another robot (usually always female) who takes down credit card information. Asking this robot to repeat what she just said is usually a dead-giveaway that you're listening to a recording, as the AI robot will repeat the exact tone and intonation as what was said the first time.

What can I do if I've been contacted by a scam PAC?

File a report to the Federal Trade Commission.

File a report to the Federal Elections Commission. Make sure to report any behavior by the caller if they were not representing themselves as a political action committee but rather as a charitable giving non-profit (a 501(c)3 organization) instead.

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Vouching for this number and publishing it.

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Some helpful directory information about this number I found:

Carrier: Bandwidth/13 - Bandwidth.com - SVR


Line Type: voip

Country: US

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