(601) 675-3714 Tech Support - Set top boxes (Roku, etc) Scam

Tech Support - Set top boxes (Roku, etc)   TextNow - Neutral Tandem - SVR

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Rebecca Smith will activate all your streaming devices. Her favorite color is black.


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Set-top entertainment box scams are a variation of the common Indian technical support scam. In this scam a victim is often having trouble performing authentication or activation of their Roku device or an entertainment package or channel. The scammer convinces the victim that they must take control over their home computer to fix the problem. Instead of guiding the user to directly follow the on-screen directions on their Roku device, they instead mask the problem as an issue with the victim's home computer and proceed to charge for services they do not need or wanted.

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Some helpful directory information about this number I found:

Carrier: TextNow - Neutral Tandem - SVR


Line Type: voip

Country: US

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