(559) 425-4163 Amazon Alexa/Google Voice Business Listing Scam

Amazon Alexa/Google Voice Business Listing   IP Horizon LLC

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This is a frequent type of scam that involves deceptive telemarketing. The scammer tells you that your Google or Amazon Alexa listing information for your business is out of date. The scammer will then lie about the current situation of your advertising and then proceed to sell you unnecessary search engine optimization packages.

This scam heavily relies on sending unsolicited sales calls which violate the Telephone Consumer Practices Act which bans unsolicited telemarketing; however this type of scammer insists that the TCPA doesn't reach them because they are only calling a business they found (unironically, by looking the business up online).

Baiting this scammer is simple: Pretend to be a business, no matter how bizarre, and make lengthly small conversation fussing over details about your imaginary online listing.

A variation of this scam exists trying to tell SEO products for voice search services like Amazon Alexa.

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Some helpful directory information about this number I found:

Carrier: IP Horizon LLC

Subscriber: VOIP CALLER

Line Type: landline

Country: US

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Have they figured out a way to block our calls?  They answer via TextNow.

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