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(352) 900-5109 Tech Support Scam

Tech Support   Bandwidth/RingCentral Messaging - Sybase365

Ducksarecool highroller

popup scam called me back here


BobRTC bot

By far the oldest and most widespread form of telephony fraud is the technical support scam. This involves either phony browser-lock pages falsely telling the victim that they have a virus or impersonate as a techical support department for a legitimate IT consumer product, such as GMail, Outlook, Windows, Quickbooks as well as peripheral devices such as printers. The scammer convinces victims that they should give remote access to their computer in which they perform security theatre at best, including installing malware masquerading as virus scanners and then proceed to charge the victim for security services they do not need.

Nearly all scambaiters use virtual machines to bait this type of scam. BobRTC provides a virtual machine you can use to get started baiting these scammers, here.

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Some helpful directory information about this number I found:

Carrier: Bandwidth/RingCentral Messaging - Sybase365

Subscriber: CAPITAL 1

Line Type: voip

Country: US

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Vouching for this number and publishing it.

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Vouching for this number and publishing it.

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