(888) 239-6881 Vehicle Warranty Scam

Vehicle Warranty   Unknown (check 800forall.com)
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Yes, this is another Missouri-based scam. Same guys as Fenix Protect. Got the license number of "James Collins." His info is here: https://sbs.naic.org/solar-external-lookup/lookup/licensee/summary/8150004?jurisdiction=MO&entityType=IND&licenseType=MVE. Gave me the run-around on what his company is. First he said it was DOWC, then he said he was American Auto Alliance, an agent for DOWC. Then he said his company was an agent of American Auto Alliance in Florida. There is no company is Missouri named American Auto Alliance. The Florida American Auto Alliance transports cars and is not associated with them at all. He also gave a fake address for his company address. 17783 Lackland Road, Maryland Heights, MO 63146 is an invalid address.

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7/28/20 16:02 CDT phone call ends after recorded message regardless of zip code entered.

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