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Hi eveyrone.  I had an account a couple of years ago but I can't remember any of my details so I just started a new account since there's a new login system.


Anyway, is there a chart that shows how much XP you need to do certain things?  Back when I was a member before, you could comment about a number on the phone number screen you were calling to update people about the scammer status, and if multiple people were calling the same scammer you could inline chat.  Have those features been removed, or is it an XP minimum now before those features even show up?


I went to click on the wiki at the top to get information but it 404'd.


Thanks in advance.


Geezer kinghighrollerbot

Check out this post in the pinned area: https://bobrtc.tel/central/d/31220-current-bobrtc-features

The inline chat you're referring to I think was the inline IRC chat. This no longer exists. We are working on a new chat system which will be out in a couple of weeks. 

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