How can i call people? it says i dont have enough activity to call.

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as title states


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There are 2 ways to call "people" in BobRTC. Both ways involve calling scammers. You can not call the general public, your family, friends, nor enemies.

   (1) Toll-Free 

   (2) Non Toll-Free [NTF]

For new BobRTC members you will start by calling scammers with Toll-Free numbers. After you earn enough XP, you will eventually have enough C points to call scammers with NTF numbers.

The easiest way to start calling scammers is by using the Fresh Numbers in the Phonebook. Numbers listed in other sections have been entered over time, attacked by BobRTC Scambaiters, and taken off line by the scammers. Occassionally, an off line number can be reactivated by a scammer. 

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Check out this video on Call Tokens.

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