What do they mean?

Silvertop1954 highroller

I have a few questions, on XP`s Tokens & minutes,

1 what are XP`s ie what do I use them for,

2 Tokens are these calling credits and why do they change, ie yesterday I had almost 2,000 but today only 807.95, only calls made were toll free farming

3 Minutes I have at the moment 6625 does that mean I can make 6625 minutes of calls to numbers other than toll free numbers or are they something else?

sorry to ask but I have searched the web for answers and unable to find any and also new to this site and scambaiting and not very tec minded


Geezer kinghighrollerbot

1) You generate XP by making calls. XP is used for different features, which you can find here.

2) Tokens are required to call Non-Toll-Free numbers. Tokens are generated by calling Toll-Free numbers. Here's a video that explains tokens better.

3) Minutes are how many minutes of calls you've made. That means you've called scammers for a total of X amount of minutes.

Silvertop1954 highroller

Thanks I now have a better understanding


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