couple questions


Ok I get the basic funciton of BobRTC  and Im on board.   My apoligy but I cant find some of the information.     

1)   what  is the function "re-spawn buddies"for?

2) to use more tabs  takes how many XP ?

3) How much Xp for the bots?    


Havnt quite figured out the chat room system but I will try it out and see. 

Thanks for this webpage.  WIll look at a donation to help out.   Im sure the servers have costs. 



Geezer kinghighrollerbot

Respawn buddies automatically starts the buddy you used before redial.

There is no XP requirement to use buddies, and no XP requirement for multiple tabs. However, there's a hard limit of 2 tabs per Toll-Free number and 8 tabs per Tolled number.

And lastly, new accounts aren't allowed to join our chat room at the moment until we get our new chat system going. This shouldn't be more than another week or two (I hope).


Hmm google has failed me.   Im sorry these things all seem vague.  


  • "Buddies - Add a buddy (or many buddies) to your calls! Click on the Dial Codes button on the dial page to see a list
  • Digit Wizard - With the Digit Wizard field, you can perform magical tricks during ongoing calls"

 I dont understand the practical puporse or function  or acctually what is a "Buddy";  no list seen ;        or a digital wizzard........

Interested in making a donation.   you guys deserve it.  


Ive watched a youtube that phone  numbers are posted or tagged on top to group bait.  But have never seen a number posted. 

I again apoligize for the questions.....


Ok.  Dial codes activate the buddies.  Im catching on........

astolfo kinghunter

It sounds like you are on a better path to figuring out the extra features of the site, and yes, it's true that some of the descriptions are left intentionally vauge (hopefully the reason as to why is semi-apparnt). To add a little more clarity though, "Buddies" are a way to tease the person you called, as most are intended to be jokes. There are a few however (notably Karen, Lenny, Roberto, Y U CALL, Rohim and Male/Female hindi) that, depending on who you call, can waste a decent amount of time automatically. As for digit wizard, it automatically sends the entered DTMF digits to the called party as soon they answer, it is usually used for bypassing IVR menus automatically during repatative assistance dial calls (redials without you having to manually click the green "Dial" button again). It can also be used to activate a bot at a certain time in a call (by entering the bots dial code into the digit wizard text field). If you have any more specific questions, feel free to ask me directly.


You can see for the code for the buddies by clicking on the purple "Dial Codes" button:

To activate a buddy, enter that dial code on the dialpad. As an example, to activate "Lenny", you'd enter *0 on the dialpad.


Thanks.    I am figuring things out as I go along.      I havnt seen any "sticky numbers".    Again  just play it out and see.     I just stuck with one gift  card small center.    Two browsers all day.     They are not happy.  


I'm as old as Lenny but I will figure it out.    But thanks for the kind help. 



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