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Hi just want to add my input to this upcoming change to bobrtc. one issue i have is i am all about privacy and i refuse to give my number to any platform. you say "we are storing this information with hundreds of thousands of rounds of SHA-512 hashing and compound salting for the highest possible level of security". my problem with that is most sites use this already and they get hacked and have database leaks all the time. i'm not willing to associate my real phone number with scambaiting not to mention the fact that who on your team has access to that information am i just suppose to trust them? if this change happens i will be forced to no longer use this platform im sorry.



What even is this suppose to mean? "These controls will not stop trolls like Ed or scammers from creating BobRTC accounts, but it will greatly slow them down to a crawl and it also requires these people to deposit some clues with us which become useful if it turns out that an account might belong to a scammer, a telemarketer or a destructive troll.". So if you think i'm any of those things what are you going to do with that information? who has the final decision if i'm any of those things? that statement makes me a little uncomfortable as well tbh.

Geezer kinghighrollerbot

While no website is 100% hackproof, I do understand your privacy concerns. However, these changes to BobRTC are happening, and while I hate to lose any users over this, nobody is forcing you to migrate your account and stay on BobRTC. There are a few other scambaiting resources out there that might fit your needs better.

I'll let somebody else with more technical knowledge chime in.

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