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I want to start scambaiting and would like to understand more before I attempt to do any of the Tech Scams that require the use of a VM etc. 

Are there any resource lists compiled by the community that include things like Jim's Stealth VM video, etc so that I can educate myself? 

Looking for things like which VM to use and why, what to watch for when a Scammer is on my VM, any software/hardware that would help me stay secure, preferred VPNs, where to purchase things like phone numbers to use for scammers to call back, what phone system I could use for this as well, any advice is greatly appreciate and good luck to all the Scambaiters.

Edit: As I cannot reply to this post I guess I will do this. I do not see the mentioned VM stickied, but have downloaded a few different ones I will try out. I will check out the subscription soon.


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If you donate to BobRTC on subscribestar (see https://subscribestar.com/bobrtc) then you can get your own phone number that scammers can call you on. You can also make outbound calls here on Bob without paying anything; you get a randomly-assigned caller ID each time.

If you go to https://bobrtc.tel/central, you will see a stickied post that has a Windows 10 VM that you can download and use.

ScamBaiter Central
ScamBaiter Central 


If you already have a VM ready to go I have a Video which goes into great detail on how to hide the VM from Scammers.


It does invlove editing Windows Registry, I go into detail on how to edit the Registry without causing any damage with hints and tricks on how to find the Keys that need changing.


ScamBaiter Central

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