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Scam center in Winnipeg

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I actually got confirmation today from a fresh, first-day-on-the job employee (poor guy) that the gift-card scammers don't live in Utah (obvious because of the way they say "out" and "sorry" (also, none of the employees can tell me what the capital of Utah is, despite saying that they live in a city next to the capital city)). He actually admitted (against the rules, I am sure) that he is in Winnipeg. There's a company in Winnipeg that is VERY vague about what they do on their website (see https://telesolutions.com), and reviews that sound like what you'd expect from the gift-card scammers (see https://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/TeleSolutions-International-Winnipeg-Reviews-EI_IE506721.0,27_IL.28,36_IM983_IP2.htm).

I think this has already been pointed out and documented (either here or another scam forum), but I just wanted to write it down before I forgot.

Oh, and the job posting says nothing about the job or the product.


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