Cannot add number now

cal2 hunterhighrollerdonor

Cannot add number now "Type" of scam no options


applepie1000 kinghunter

we know... please wait as our level 10 technicians do fixaiton.


fermen hunterhighrollerdonor

it's taking multiple tries to enter a number

Geezer kinghighrollerbot

We're still trying to track down the cause of this.

stephwilliams538 highrollerdonor

Can you tell me how to add a number?  I'm not seeing where I actually would do this.  Also, while I get messages and can check my caller i.d. for the phone number, I understand it could just be  a spoofed number.  Is there a way to call them "safely" through Bobrtc to verify it before submitting it?

Geezer kinghighrollerbot

Your account meets only 1 of 2 requirements to be able to add numbers to the queue. You have 500+ XP, but your account must be older than 90 days. Once you have met both requirements, an Add Number button will appear. Also, there's no way to test a number on BobRTC before submitting. That would open us up to people calling non-scammers.

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