No Rooms Access kinghunterhighrollerdonor

May I please have invites back to the appropriate Bob rooms.

As per the " is down" thread, I also have no access to modops, support or anything else for that matter after having recently sorted migration out and accepting multiple invites to rooms from AussieScamBuster who I cannot get hold of ATM via Discord.

Can I too be let back in from the cold? Cheers


Geezer kinghighroller

Hiya! Please log out of chat and back in. This will clear all old rooms and invites. I've invited you to the mod room and bobgeneral. kinghunterhighrollerdonor

Thanks Geezer - will either await/request the other invites from AussieScamBuster or guess I'm free now to ask for the other invites via the couple of rooms I now have access to again.

Appreciate you taking the time to post back in what I understand to be yet another difficult time for Bob because of a certain douchebag.





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