NEED MOD HELP. Something signed me out of the chat. 

I was trying to go to the chat system on bobrtc to talk about the moshpit in the moshpit chat when it signed me out for "security reasons". I tried signing in, and my password doesn't work. Did a mod ban me from the chat? Just wondering.


Thanks. highroller

I just had the same problem. Element won't let me sign in with my primary EvilScamBaiter account. No attributes have been changed with my primary account and password has not changed. 

As a result, I currently can't access as EvilScamBaiter

I don't think I've done anything wrong to get banned. hunterhighroller

Having the same issue - was kind of shitting myself until now.... every time I get a new unexpected error I think I'm banned lol

Geezer kinghighroller

Issue: The postgres database that Matrix/synapse runs on got totally corrupted during last reboot. We're working on a fix.

Update: Matrix/Synapse is still down. That means no new accounts and if you're not logged in to BobRTC you can't log in. Those still logged in to BobRTC can still make calls.

No ETA on Matrix uptime.


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