Money Mules - They're in Canada too kinghunterhighroller

Most of us have seen the Mark Rober video and Jim Browning video of money mules connected with the refund and SSA scams:


But it looks like the Canadian mounties have also been on this as well as early as last year... most of us might have missed this one:


What has been so frustrating about the refund and SSA scams is that local and state authorities have shown very little interest in pursuing these scams mainly because they believe that there aren't any actors based inside the USA that they can go after.    After all, going after foreign actors is a job for a constellation of Federal agencies who aren't motivated or move as slow as molasses.

Now that we're aware that these scams heavily rely on money mules for high dollar amount transactions, particularly those more than $5,000 which pose problems---as buying that much in gift cards raises anti-fraud alarms at stores, and with credit card companies and banks---scammers have to rely on physical cash delivered to money mules and various methods like conversion to BitCoin at multiple ATMs in order to get the money back to India.

It has been a big sticking point with me that scambaiters, particularly younger ones who are far more interested in tech support popup scams want to spend little time on SSA scams, even though the very-related Refund scam involves a Teamviewer/Anydesk remote connection and long times on the phone.     

We should be spending as much time as we can on SSA and Refund scams and coming up with more ways to fish information out of these scammers.   Some of us have gotten very good at phishing their IP addresses in India out.  We should be doing more of that and posting the information (doesn't matter if it's here or elsewhere).

Now that we have some wonderful YouTube videos that describe what these scams entail in graphic detail, we should also be sharing this around more often not just amongst friends/family, but also to local media to make them understand what this is, what's at stake.

The only way to eradicate this scam is with information--that reduces the number of available marks to be scammed.

At BobRTC we have worked with partners to deliver a very reliable daily feed of SSA scam call center inbound numbers and we have passed these along to Federal authorities.   This happens EVERY time an SSA number is posted to our website--we notify the host carrier immediately as well as deliver this data to Federal authorities.

Let's spend more time scambaiting SSA.  Keep the agents on the phone, keep them talking, and don't get frustrated that it's the same old script over and over.   The time we are spending with that Indian reading his script over the phone is time he is not spending talking to a mark.


Let's do this. kinghunterhighroller

Also, if you need coins to scambait SSA because you're low or you're out---we're willing to give them to you.

Just ask in #bobgeneral over on Matrix.   Tell them Kenzo sent you, and link to this post.

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