Issue connecting to any calls 

Hello, every time i try to make new call it disconnects 0.1 second after start with "HUNG UP (CALLED PARTY)".
I've tried multiple numbers what worked for me few minutes ago, i also tried relogging.

Any idea why this is happening?


Geezer kinghighroller

Just as it says on the dial page: "Hung Up (Called Party): This means that the scammer denied your call, hung up on you, or disconnected their phone system." This has nothing to do with you or BobRTC. As we cannot control how or when a scammer will answer their phones, all you can do is try again at a later time. Also, Scammers are more likely to answer phones during Eastern Daylight Time business hours. 

No, it's not that.. I get disconnected before even the dialing tone sounds. I tried 20 different scammers. However after waiting few hours it looks to be fixed and working.

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