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Here's my idea, we have a menu that shows the current best infinite hold numbers to farm XP.

This is different from searching by XP because when you search by XP because the numbers you'd find there are similar to 24/7 numbers, and/or most of them don't work.

Maybe have the numbers get rated by users with 10k+ XP because in order to get to 10k XP, farming infinite holds is the only option.

I'm thinking it would be a drop-down menu with links to the current top-rated XP farming numbers, which you could call, and it would automatically adjust to the optimal settings (Digit Wizard all setup, microphone and volume muted).

This would be great because the current infinite hold numbers are constantly changing, so it would save a lot of time searching all around for a good one.

Thank you for taking the time to go through this; I spent a good while writing this up



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Good XP farming number

Read my reply on this number for directions on XP Farming

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