Need help removing VBoxTray.exe from Notification Area

ScamBaiter Central
ScamBaiter Central 

I just got off a Scambaiting call, and this scammers first port of call was Control Panel, Notification Area Icons, and low and behold guess whats there


Now bearing in mind that both Virtual Box Tasks were ended via Task Manager prior to the call commencing, that bl**dy Notification Icon won't budge even after uninstalling Guest Additions, I've Scoured the Registry looking for the application name and removed all instances from Run (Vaues), also searched for 'Hide Icon and Notifications' also 'Notifications' with the hope of hunting this down, all to no avail that little sh&t just won't die. Anyone have any ideas on removing this little devil?

I did find a bat file on github that looked promising, however, after running completed successfully, yep you guessed it it's still there and i'm sure I heard it laughing at me.

all suggestions welcome.



ScamBaiter Central
ScamBaiter Central 

Found the little blighter, for anyone else needing to know, This details 6 ways to to clear unnecessary Notification Icons.

Had to Uninstall VBox Guest Additions, I opted for the Registry Option as this leaves no trace and removes quite a few reduntant Icons.


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