Feature Request: A Way To Upvote Forum Threads


My feature request is a reddit style "upvote/downvote" system that would show how many people upvote and downvote your post, like how reddit and most other forums work. This would allow easier interaction if, say you were reporting a bug, someone else had the same bug but that person doesn't yet have enough xp to reply to the thread so they can't do anything to confirm they had it too. But with upvotes, that person could upvote the post and y'all could know "okay, multiple people have had this issue".


Geezer kinghighroller

If we did this, it would probably be tied to a minimum amount of XP to vote. Scammers would do everything possible to downvote posts.

@trapper:bobrtc.tel highroller

Doyouthinkhesaurus exacley 


Maybe just upvotes, so the scammers can't downvote things.

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