Feature Request: Provide a way to enter * and # in the Digital Wizard

@evilscambaiter:bobrtc.tel highrollerdonor

Tonight a scammer escaped by requiring user validation with an asterisk (e.g. 5*9). Is it possible that the Digital Wizard could deal with this validation by using an escape character like the good ol backslash (e.g. 5\*9)?


Geezer kinghighroller

Added to the request list. Thanks.

@evilscambaiter:bobrtc.tel highrollerdonor

Thanks 😃

@astolfo:bobrtc.tel kinghunter

These two DTMF symbols already are accepted by Digit Wizard, but I do see there is a slight issue in them triggering bots/sound effects most of the time. Although if you add a 1 second wait time between each tone, then it shouldn't trigger any of the corresponding dial codes. Could you try this (assuming you haven't already) for us to see if it works for your needs? We can make it where absolutely no Digit Wizard combination could trigger a dial code, but at least from how I'm thinking of it now, it would require bots/sound effects to be invoked and removed by individual buttons in a drop down modal. Although if the above simply doesn't work as a solution, then we can start work on this.

Thank you

@evilscambaiter:bobrtc.tel highrollerdonor

Astolfo thanks for looking into this. Unfortunately, I don't think there is a way to test it at this time since this one scammer was the only one to do this. It's been awhile since the first inciddent and I may have tried the 5w*w9 option but it probably failed.

Let's see if any other scammers try this escape vector in the future.


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