(838) 214-0012 Welcome to the Scambaiting Moshpit

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The Mosh Pit   +1 (838) 214-0012

At BobRTC we have thousands of inbound telephone numbers which robocallers continuously call every day.   Most of the time we send these calls over to Lenny, the poor old robot who's really hard of hearing.  He's been asking scammers to speak up for the last 6 years. Scammers have become so used to Lenny that they've developed methods to detect him and then dump the call so their dialer can move on.

NOTE: If you received a telephone call with a caller ID of (838) 214-0012 on your telephone, this was a spoofed telephone call and did not come from us.  Click here to learn what caller ID spoofing is and report the spoofed call to your telephone provider.

It's time to send Lenny on retirement!  As part of our work on BobRTC Inbounds development the team has setup a place where all of our inbound robocalls that we receive can go.  It's called the BobRTC Moshpit and it's the first step to delivering inbound service to BobRTC users.

You Can Use Your Own Phone to Scambait!

The moshpit is open for everyone to call whenever they want.  You can use your own telephone equipment, like your personal cell phone.  It doesn't matter what you use to call it with.

Nobody can see your CallerID and nobody inside the moshpit can see where you are calling from

What Do I Do in the Moshpit?

Anyone who robocalls a BobRTC number that we control will be thrown into the moshpit when the call is not assigned to a user who's participating in the BobRTC Inbounds beta program.   This means most calls we're getting are going to be thrown into the moshpit.

So all you have to do is dial (838) 214-0012, put yourself on mute and wait for a robocaller to arrive.

You can scambait it, not scambait it, play music, scream at the caller---whatever you want to do.   It's the robocaller's fault for dialing our phones!

When does the Moshpit normally get calls?

All of our inbound numbers are based in Canada and the United States.   Most robocalls going to Canada and the United States arrive between the hours of 7:30AM going all the way to 7:30PM (New York City, EST), or 12:30 PM to 12:30 AM (UTC).

There are two periods when it is extremely busy---between the hours of 10:00AM-11:30AM Eastern Time (New York) and from 2PM-4PM Eastern Time (New York).   Most SSA scammers are the first to dial early in the morning and then continue sending out batches of robocalls in lower amounts through the rest of the day.   Refund scammers also get up early since there are SSA scammers who also dabble in the refund scam.   Other scam categories tend to hit victims phones around lunchtime; and then there is another rush of calls that hit the USA and Canada again between 5:30PM-6:30PM in the evening hours--primarily fake vacation offers and technical support scams.

What Rules are there for the Moshpit?

There are none.  Absolutely none.  That is why it is called the Moshpit.

Do not be surprised if it's nearly impossible to hold a conversation in the moshpit at times.   Skids playing earrape noises, or someone being super-rude---this is all allowed in the moshpit.   We do not police what goes on in there.   The whole point is that robocallers are war-dialing the BobRTC Inbound telephone numbers and these cretins need a taste of their own medicine.

Luckily, there is no law that will protect any robocaller that dials one of our numbers from being abused.  So literally:  anything goes.   And we mean anything.

It's their fault they called.



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This is awesome! Thanks, guys.

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Over time (in the following days) more features related to the Mosh Pit will be added (along with improvements in general), and most importantly you will be able to join it directly from BobRTC instead of using a personal phone (it wont affect your call tokens in any way). Please let us know if there are any particular features you'd like to see regarding it.

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I forgot about the inbound dialing. I'll be sure to get some more bob numbers on more calling lists.


There is now a chat room on chat.bobrtc.tel for the moshpit!


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Excellent and thank you

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Want to listen to the Moshpit without calling in? Check out https://bobrad.io/moshpit! Listen in on the fun!

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Yes... we own approximately 5,000 and the other 7,000 are carriers forwarding their unused numbers at us for a total of between 11K-12K numbers inbound to us.  The carrier-forwards change daily, if not hourly, but the other 5,000 are static to just us.

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probably the best thing to happen ever imo


Sort of, some numbers they own and some are forwarded unregistered/dead numbers from various VOIP providers.

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The only way to avoid the moshpit is to... 


wait for it...


stop calling it.


It's the newest headache for telmarketer dialer guys.   And there's always some kid in the room who will respond to every IVR prompt so you can't IVR your way out of this one.

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Just wanted to give a shout out to the devlopers for that inbound calling perk! I was wasting TIME with some Amazon Scammers and recieved an inbound that I answered while wasting the Amazon Scammers TIME... Just amazing that we are able to waste both outbound and inbound callers TIME at the same TIME within the relm of TIME! I like TIME.... again, great job with this platform! Love it!

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