The Transition from Discord to Matrix Authentication kinghunterhighroller

 Why No More Discord?

BobRTC is migrating from Discord as our authentication provider over to Matrix, an open-source platform that has similar features to Discord but will respect your privacy.   We made this descision because:

- You can freely connect to our Matrix server without a VPN and not have to worry about your IP address being disclosed by anyone.  Logging into the Matrix server will guarantee your IP address is never disclosed and all records of your login sessions are encrypted so only you can see them.  No administrator can read session information because it's encrypted in the database--only you possess the keys to decrypt the data and no one else. 

- No identifying information about you is stored in BobRTC and once you are on Matrix you will stop giving Discord an IP address connected with your BobRTC account.

- As Discord continues to grow in size, the priority Discord LLC places on user privacy will diminish over time

- Discord is susceptible to fisking, also known as "discovery fishing"; where complainants send civil subpoenas against Discord hunting for user accounts.

As you know, individuals in the scambaiting community have to operate anonymously for the following reasons:

- Revealing identity has led to scambaiters being SWATted numerous times

- Online attacks

- There is nothing preventing scammers from filing civil litigation while they are also conducting telephone fraud, and it's fairly common for scammers to retain lawyers to intimidate the community.   Take for instance:; who norotiously used their defense attorney to request takedowns on   They used the same defense attorney when Delta Airlines sued them for posting Facebook pages claiming CheapFlightsFares was a Delta reservation center and the Ohio Attorney General had sued the operators earlier for running a technical support scam.

How to setup Matrix

You can get a Matrix account here.  Make sure you take note of your password.  Write it down.

At present we are allowing new accounts without any email address to be set.  This means if you forget your password you will have no way to recover it!

You are most protected if you set up your account at, but you may also elect to use or as your home server.

After you setup your Matrix account

After you create an account on Matrix you can open another tab and login to BobRTC using your Matrix account.

These public BobRTC-centered chat rooms are available on Matrix:

#bobgeneral - The general BobRTC chat room

#numberlobby - A place to trade and discuss scammer numbers that are being dialed or need to be tested on BobRTC

#memes - The general memes room

You can find rooms of other scambaiting teams on Matrix by asking around in #bobgeneral for where they are or contacting the crew on Discord where their Matrix rooms are.



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