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We Need Your Help

Geezer kinghighroller

For a little over a year, BobRTC has been providing a valuable tool to the people who fight telecommunications fraud. 

Please donate, and consider becoming a monthly donor! Monthly sustainers allow us to have a dependable base of support and help save time and resources. By helping BobRTC, you directly aid our legal defense and our fight against scammers and illegal robocalls. 

If you can't donate, you can still help us out by disabling your ad-blocker on your browser.

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regrad312 highrollerdonor

BOB is great! I have always enjoyed using this platform... I am proud to donate to this great cause !!

evilscambaiter highrollerdonor

I'm a regular BobRTC contributor. Of my 3 computers, one returns ads. My other 2 don't.

Here are my current Chrome settings for the 2 computers. Did I miss anything? 

Site Settings

Recent Activity

     Allowed Sound, allowed Pop-ups and redirects, allowed Ads, and more

Sites that can always use cookies

Cleared cache and even restarted

Answer: Turn off NordVPN CyberSec. It blocks ALL adds and malicious websites regardless of your other browser or system settings.


eno_cordova kinghunterhighrollerdonor

Just a suggestion, you might want to consider adding another tier on SubscribeStar. The highest tier is only $10/mo. I imagine there are a number of people who wouldn't mind giving a bit more.

Geezer kinghighroller

Thanks for the suggestion. We'll implement more tiers soon.


15 or 20 dollar tier could include custom or more music bots ..more then jus  tulak tulak and george michaels ..

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