Watch these web pages hunterhighroller

As of now, not displaying any real contact info... hunterhighroller . The only number on this page now is genuine. Expect this to change... hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller

Another odd one: .

Lots of insipid SEO babbling, including "phone number," but no phone number. hunterhighroller

An old friend, is once again advertising a toll-free number. However, I have not been able to verify it, so I have not posted it to the phone book yet. If someone else is able to get through to the new number please go ahead and post it! hunterhighroller Slick looking website with a fake number that I am unable to verify at the moment. hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller Number currently unverified. hunterhighroller hunterhighroller

sandbar kinghunterhighrollerdonor

Here's another one for us to watch. 

Looks like they are still working on it.  It currently has the REAL Cash App phone number (855 - 351 - 2274), but I feel certain that will change. hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller

Here's another one: .

They are definitely scammers, but are reluctant to reveal an inbound number. Via the web-based chat, agent "Mark" claimed I had network issues ... and instructed me to download TeamViewer and allow a remote connection so that he could diagnose the network issues. Makes sense, right?

When I questioned him about this, he claimed to be engaged in various sex acts with my sister. Very professional! hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller

Here's an interesting one: . It looks like a number of scammers have been dumping their phone numbers and links here regularly.

I can't guarantee that every number listed is a scam -- investigate for yourselves in the "Science / Technology" and "Travel" sections epecially. hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller

Ha ha ha yes you read that right. I have not been able to verify the number to post it here, but it is phoney! hunterhighroller

Fake has been updated and lists a phone number now. I have not been able to verify it yet, but others may get different results. hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller

Has a toll free number but I get instant hang up for now, your results may vary. hunterhighroller

Web site active recently, also has Facebook page and Youtube account.

Lots of babbling about a "number" but no number. hunterhighroller

Listed number is not valid. hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller

Sign up with phone and email to get a fake error message from "Amazon" or "Ring."

They called me back from a Magic Jack number, I haven't posted it yet because I can't verify that it takes incoming calls yet. hunterhighroller hunterhighroller

This one has two phone numbers, one for fake tech support and one for fake airlines, but I am not able to verify either of them at the moment. hunterhighroller looks totally legit, right? hunterhighroller hunterhighroller

An interesting website to watch for leads. hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller based in Pakistan, looks funny, more research needed.

Edit: sister website looks even scammier. But I get a busy signal from the number. Others may get different results or may be able to verify it. hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller is not really the home page for Google. hunterhighroller , a subsidiary of "Green Trust Cash Application." Number listed on website is legitimate, for now.

The substance of this site is totally secured by copyright and trademark and is the intellectual property of the site proprietor. This site is independent and has no association with Cash app brand and services. The brand name of cash app is utilized for the sole motivation behind information sharing. The intention of using brand names, pictures, logos and brand name is for information and referral. The information gave on the site just to information sharing, despite the fact that we have done our exploration on each substance gave in the site clients must utilize their own anxiety before using the information. Guests must experience our treats strategy, there are notices and link of outsider sites additionally may appear, these outsider sites may not comply with our approach. Our site has no influence over the outsider site’s arrangement, clients must utilise their anxiety and will be exclusively liable for the harm if happens. hunterhighroller and, both made by the same scam group, both lacking any discernable contact information as of this posting. hunterhighroller

Disclaimer: is an independent service provider. Any use of Trademarks, Brands, Products, and Services are referential and has no affiliation with any of company unless such relationship is expressly specified. The services we offer may also be available on the brand owners’ websites. hunterhighroller hunterhighroller Fake mutual fund login phishing page with phone number unverifiable at the moment. hunterhighroller hunterhighroller

UPDATE: Lists a toll-free number that rings through to a voicemail box that is full. hunterhighroller I refuse to test the numbers on this site due to the chance it might be government/police entrapment operation. But in any case it looks like a scam to me. hunterhighroller

You can request a call back from the website. "Jack from Google Support Team" called me within seconds, and chatted for a while with Lenny.

His caller ID was a toll-free U.S. number, but I was not able to verify it by dialing it back. Others may have better success; they may have just quickly blocked my research phone. hunterhighroller no contact info displayed currently.

UPDATE: now the website has a feature where you can click and enter contact info to request a call back. hunterhighroller hunterhighroller

Number not verifiable at this time. hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller

Number can't be verified currently. hunterhighroller

Number not currently verifiable. hunterhighroller

I do not suggest buying this. hunterhighroller

Number currently unverifiable. hunterhighroller

Leads to a fake error page with a number that I can't verify right now (instant hangup). However, it's off-peak hours right now. hunterhighroller

leads to

which offers a number to call, but I get "out of service." hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller

Scam spam updated daily. hunterhighroller Fake Norton, can't verify number right now. hunterhighroller

Presently unable to verify number. hunterhighroller

Presently unable to verify the number(s). hunterhighroller

Another site and number for the fake McAfee spammer-scammer gang, but the number isn't working for me right now. hunterhighroller hunterhighroller

Fake Hulu, etc. hunterhighroller

Number is being spammed around the web but it doesn't seem to be set up properly yet. hunterhighroller

Same number as this general each-and-every-scam site

US toll free number not working presently. hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller

Displays an 800 number but I get instant hang up. hunterhighroller

German printer scam. hunterhighroller

US number not working right now. hunterhighroller hunterhighroller and have a new toll free number advertised but it isn't working (yet); your results may vary. hunterhighroller

Number goes to textnow voicemail currently, can't be verified right now. hunterhighroller

The number advertised currently is the number of the legitimate airline business (800-221-1212)

Expect this to change...

Update: and another site with the placeholder number. Again, unless and until the number changes please do not call to bait them: hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller

Currently unable to verify the number. But it might change or go live later. hunterhighroller how fix errors? Call scammers! But their number is not connected. Sad! hunterhighroller

Fake MS office. Looks like it could be a FeGon/AOI scam. hunterhighroller

Looks like a FeGon/AOI scam but the number can't be verified presently. hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller

I click "GET STARTERD" but nothing starts, sad! hunterhighroller

Number goes straight to voicemail right now, will check again later. It's being spammed around the web aggressively today. hunterhighroller hunterhighroller

Looks like a new FeGon/AOI scam domain. hunterhighroller

Recently spammed but the number is not verifiable. hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller

Looks like it could be some kind ov virus or scareware. hunterhighroller is not actually McAfee. hunterhighroller

"We are fascinated to notify you that we are an individualistic company giving a third-party provider. We also refuse to use any copywriting the content or design or images from the producer site. We assure you to work towards the perfection in architecture that we get by enabling the problems our valuable customers at the right time in the correct place. Please abide by the commands and guidance before you receive the assistance offered by us to help you with the position better." hunterhighroller

Advertises a toll free number that can't be verified right now (after hours). hunterhighroller hunterhighroller

Another one of these impersonation websites where I don't understand how the scam works. hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller

Chat with a scammer on the website to get a callback. Be sure to set yout HTTP user agent to a Windows consumer-grade browser. hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller Chat with the scammer via the website to get a callback. hunterhighroller hunterhighroller interesting phishing scammer, number not currently working for me. hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller bitdefender-bitdefender-bitdefender? hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller hunterhighroller

Hello everyone. I'm not going to post in this thread any more; from now on I'll add this sort of info to the new wiki page here.

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