Free Windows 7 Scambait VM - Courtesy BobRTC

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Want a pre-configured scambaiting VM that is ready to go to scambait tech support and refund scammers?

We have a Windows 7 VM already setup with some goodies thanks to the wonderful work of UFO Pilot and his awesome scambaiting tools!

  • a custom TREE.COM that runs forever.  Source code is on the VM
  • UFOPilot's upNotepad is pre-installed (a fucked-up Notepad.exe that makes it hard for scammers to type in)
  • UFOPIlot's upMSInfo32 is pre-installed (a MSInfo32 replacement to disguise that you're on a VM, some savvy scammers look at msinfo32 to see if they're on a virtual machine)
  • Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition is pre-installed
  • GIMP
  • LibreOffice

To start, install Oracle VirtualBox.

You can then download the Scambait 7 Virtual Machine here.

Import the downloaded ova file into your Oracle Virtualbox and turn it on!  (You should also be able on Windows and Mac to just double-click the .ova file which will launch VirtualBox to import the VM on to your rig)


The default user is karen with the password manager



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