I kinda am upset about this please review my bug (XP Not Given)

Coco poop

so ill give proof I was farming before so that's what you see but it somehow just stopped at 1 hr 51 min and I was auto redial on and if they hang up you don't get XP for some reason so in total I would have gotten the XP for 3 tabs of 1 hr and 51 min now that means 210 XP counting 3 hours in total then adding 153 additional min which is .35 if I get my calculator 53.55 XP so in total that means unless there's any half-hour bones again because at 1 hr 30 but I don't think so but I just want the XP cause I'm really looking forward to new features so if you guys please can give me the XP I will really appreciate also I might but your 10 dollar subscription cause that looks pretty cool and lit. SCREENSHOTS