Is there any way to cross call scammers so they can hear me and each other simultaneously?

Fatty Matty
Fatty Matty hunter

So far with me it's not possible.  I'm trying to cross call them and let them hear me simultaneously.  When I used "stereo mix" on the source, they can hear each other but they can't hear me.  Conversely, when I set to Realtek, they can hear me but they can't hear each other.  Is there any way to have it so all can be heard together?  I'm using the on board mic.  Using headphones doesn't work either.  Can anyone help witht his conundrum?


Evanspy king

This isn't possible, please see this thread.  In the future, look at existing posts before making a new one.  I think the internal elasticsearch will be out externally soonish, so that should help.

Fatty Matty
Fatty Matty hunter

That isn't exactly what I'm referring to so sorry for not making myself clear.  I want to be able to record the calls myself on my on computer voice recorder.  By that thread I think the context is can other callers conference in together.  That's not what I"m looking for.  I"m just looking for a way to interact with the scammers while they can hear each other.  Sorry for the confusion.

Sandbar hunterhighrollerdonor

If I understand you correctly, yes, it is possible.  Scammer in tab 1, scammer in tab 2, you talking on mic, everyone can hear each other, you can record all.  Use Google Chrome and look at VoiceMeeter Banana to see if that helps you accomplish what you described. 

EvilScamBaiter highrollerdonor

As Sandbar has posted, Yes this can be done. Sandbar got me into VoiceMeeter. We now team up by using Google Chrome and VoiceMeeter Banana for attacking scammers together. Even though Dial Party is currently disabled, with VoiceMeeter Banana we have had scammers talking to each other and we could talk to them at the same time whenever we wanted to mess with them.

Note: Setting up VoiceMeeter Banana can be a pain until you really understand it. Here is probably the best video for setting up VoiceMeeter Banana. Setting up OBS is optional.

How to EASILY setup VoiceMeeter Banana + Discord + OBS:

Happy ScamBaiting

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