Current BobRTC Features

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Here at BobRTC, we have many features available to our users. Here is a list of them.

Features Without XP Requirement (Features For All)

  • Dialing Toll Free scammers from the phonebook - Earn XP for other features, and tokens for the following feature
  • Dialing Non Toll Free scammers from the phonebook - Uses tokens earned from calling Toll Free numbers
  • Buddies - Add a buddy (or many buddies) to your calls! Click on the Dial Codes button on the dial page to see a list
  • Digit Wizard - With the Digit Wizard field, you can perform magical tricks during ongoing calls
  • Recordings - Record all your calls, download and/or make them public on
  • Central Forums - Post a new thread (NOT TO BE USED TO POST SCAM NUMBERS)
  • Pitch Shift - Change the pitch of your voice!
  • Profile Pics - Upload your own PFP's!

Features With XP Requirements

  • Phonebook - 500 XP Requirement (and account must be at least 3 months old)- Add numbers to the moderation queue (NOTE: YOU MUST SELF VERIFY NUMBERS BEFORE SUBMITTING YOUR NUMBERS)
  • Forums - 5000 XP Requirement - Reply in the Central Forums (NOTE: You CAN comment on your own posts, so no need to create multiple posts for one subject)


  • Supporter - 1,000 call tokens used for non-tollfree dialing awarded to your BobRTC account at the first of every month. Call token cap raised from 5,000 to 7,000.
  • Frequent Dialer - More non-toll free dialing to USA and Canada. 2,000 call tokens in your account at the first of every month. Call token cap raised from 5,000 to 10,000
  • Prolific Dialer - 5,000 call tokens for non-tollfree dialing in your account at the beginning of every month. No call token limits.

BTC: bc1qy8f3galmuq6j32m8jd0wqa8lr2cd4t3l77pc635sp4q0n0nwnn2skleezl

Please note that we DO NOT have an open dialer for ANYONE.


Bizdak donor

2/29/2020 - Recordings not working?

Geezer kinghighrollerbot

Recording system is currently be rewritten. Hopefully it will be back soon.

Geezer kinghighrollerbot

Recording system is back in service. Thanks for your patience!

Bizdak donor

Apparently BOTS recording is no longer available??

term kinghunterhighroller

It's never been a thing. We are working on a way to record bots.

RegRad highrollerdonor

Is there a way to get our profile picture back or upload a new one?  I'm not seeing a way to do this in the preferences tab or any other tabs.


covid-19 kinghunter

Yes.  We have plans to give you a way to upload a pfp.  It's on the list of things to do.

yaliqmadiq kinghunterhighroller

You can now set your own pfp in BobRTC.  Go to Preferences

Viperware kinghunter

Reflecting an update done: To upload a custom profile picture, hover over your existing avatar which is found in Preferences. From there, an upload icon will appear. Click that icon, select your image, and you are done.

RegRad highrollerdonor

Hello BOBRTC ... Just a quick question about the honeypot numbers or (numbers pool)... Recently I have noticed that my CID always displays the same number, as before it would change between different honeypot numbers. This has made it difficult for me to repetedly call scam numbers as I am either blocked or sent to voicemail. Is this part of the new inbound calling? My main play here is repeat dialing SSA scammers.   

covid-19 kinghunter

If you turn inbounds off, it should pull from the did pool again.  When yuo have inbounds on, it sends out your did as your caller id.

india1408 donor

just subscribed , when it was down yest i didnt know what to do with my hands all day , i really missed this place, i recommend everyone to donate here 4 dollar is nothing compared to what these guys do for us 

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