An Open Message To People Butthurt About Our Phone Number Listings kinghunterhighroller

First off:

By using BobRTC you've agreed to our Terms and Conditions for using our website and resources.

It's important that you read that, because those Terms and Conditions include a clause that you agree to hold BobRTC harmless from actions taken by people who are not part of BobRTC.

Now on to our policy about what content we accept on our platform:

We post telephone numbers when we find evidence of the following:

  1. You are engaging in a telefraud operation.   Specifically (but not limited to): pretending to be Microsoft, Apple or any other major tech brand and offering "support;" when you yourself are not sanctioned by any of those companies to provide branded support.
  2. Engaging in a Refund Scam
  3. We have found evidence that you are making outbound telephone calls and leaving voicemails referring subscribers back to your inbound telephone number, pushing telefraud scams.

Going deeper, we also allow listings of inbound telephone numbers of entities who are engaging in mass violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991.   We look for one or more of the following criteria of behavior from you:

  1. You might a legitimate company that is not engaged in fraud, but instead you have decided to engage in mass direct dial campaigns completely ignoring the Federal and respective state Do Not Call lists and you are making ATDS calls to consumer cell phones in violation of the law.
  2. You are not a TCPA-exempted entity and you fall under the restrictions against auto-dialing proscribed under the TCPA.
  3. We have detected your dialer trying to call one of the many thousands of BobRTC-owned honeypot numbers (which are not connected to any individual telephone subscriber)... so you have proven to us through your marketing behavior that you are engaged in war dialing.
  4. You run a Press 1 direct dial campaign that relies on call spoofing.
  5. Your telephone agents refuse to state your real corporate entity name or well-known brand name when test-dialed by our community members.   Using such unsearchable generic names such as "The Automotive Service Center" or the "Healthcare Enrollment Center" trying to avoid identification.

Now, about calls

Because you were either sending massive amounts of TCPA-violating robocalls and/or engaging in telefraud by operating a technical support scam, Social Security scam, a refund scam or any other similar type of illegal solicitation activity over the telephone; this removes any doubt that you yourself have any merit to enjoy protection under the Telephone Consumer Practices Act--you don't.

The TCPA does not give protection to commercial telephone subscribers, only to individual subscribers.   Further: if you are publicly advertising your scam with SEO poisioning, or you're making ATDS calls: you have openly solicited receiving inbound calls from anyone.  So you do not have a claim to make that you're receiving unwanted calls.   You can't succeed in any claim where you openly solicit the entire world to call you---even hounding them to call you with ATDS dialing of unwilling consumers---but then cry like a baby that scambaiters are calling you.  The only injury you're suffering is having your avarice checked; which isn't something a court of law can remedy for you.

There does not exist a court who will agree with you that you have suffered an injury because someone called you completely uninterested in buying your product or not willing to engage in your telesales fraud operation.

In fact, some prosecutors and carriers have wised up to wonton abuse of the complaints process because at BobRTC we send along audio evidence of your fraud schemes to the same parties you are complaining to.

In fact, by trying to fight BobRTC all you are effectively doing is attracting more attention to yourself across the wider scambaiting community and you will receive even more calls; more investigations and more negative SEO about you and your illigitimate business practices.   A mistake like this is called the Streisand Effect and you should look it up.


Scambaiters are people who have been pushed so far beyond the edge by intrusive and illegal robocalling that they have taken matters into their own hands and we are going to use the very same telephony tools  that you are using to abuse your victims and turn it against you.


That is going to continue regardless or not if BobRTC exists.


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