You can help BobRTC by TURNING OFF ADBLOCK kinghunterhighroller

Can't donate to help BobRTC?   That's no problem.   You can help out the project by whitelisting in your adblocker so that ads appear when you use BobRTC.

We have positioned the ads so they do not get in the way of you using the site and there are no popup floater ads on Bob, just your plain boring Google AdSense ads.

BobRTC funding goes to pay for Non-Toll-Free calling which presently is running us $300 a month in telephone charges.   We unforunately have the amount of NTF calls capped per user and we would like to increase these caps so we can dial out more on NTF but we cannot do this without your support.

We know there's an economic depression going on.   So by turning off ads, you are passively helping out the project, and each little bit ads up.

Thank you for supporting BobRTC and we look forward to connecting your calls. highrollerdonor

will do

139765 bot

done highroller

Done...seeing ads and bought merchandise. kinghunter

Thank you!!! highrollerdonor

If you use Brave browser, you can tip BAT also

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