POLICY Update on Racial Imagery / Innuendo

o_O hunterkinghighroller

We do not like to get involved in heated social debates here at BobRTC.  HOWEVER, certain people have created accounts that have racial innuendo in their Discord profile pictures, namely using a black child as their avi/pfp, when they themselves are not black, or the black person in the avi/pfp is not of a well-known celebreity or other meme figure.

I realize some scambaiters use horrific language when taunting scammers on the phone; mainly because the prevalence of racism among scammers is quite high, and scammers are not victims of abuse. In our opinion anything you say to a scammer to keep them off of a revenue call is fine with us and you're helping reduce victimization.

But a few of you (very few) are being passively racist with the use of mockery in your profile images.  Not only does the entire BobRTC moderation staff find this irritating; it's also insulting to the entire scambaiting community.    Racism is what 419 scambaiting is known for and 419 scambaiters will never be able to shake off those stereotypes.  That makes email scambaiting so unattractive and uninteresting.

Telephone scambaiting is not like this.    We want to keep phone scambaiting a vibrant and attractive technique to more people, so we're going to take action today.

Note: We are not going to ban your account over your crappy Dicord pfp.  Instead, we are not going to take post contributions from you (forum posts and number add requests), where your denigrating Discord profile picture would proliferate more on our site.  Until you can pick a pfp that isn't racist (note: we didn't say offensive, we said racist), then you'll stay shadowbanned.    If this policy has affected you, then contact a moderator after you have updated your Discord pfp and logged out and back into BobRTC.


o_O hunterkinghighroller

If you need a visual example of what we're talking about; here is an example from scammer.info:

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