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Please review our LEGAL page here

We have updated our Terms of Service and Legal Disclaimers


We have become aware that Thomas Dorsher, dba "ScammerBlaster" and owner of has purchased a domain "" attempting to misdirect users of BobRTC to his website, where he has emulated the site theme of BobRTC and he has been using a data scraper to pull records from BobRTC's database.

This is flagarant intellectual property theft and is a violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986.

Only partners who are in direct contact with BobRTC's developers may produce tools and integration solutions to BobRTC's system.   Copying BobRTC's database and more importantly: trying to fool Internet users into thinking that they are engaging with BobRTC and Discommunication LLC's properties is fraud and is a scam.

If you wish to engage with BobRTC on a project where you wish to use our data or systems to power your tools or services, please contact us directly at our email contact or contact us privately on Discord channels.   Failure to do so can result in Discommunication LLC defending its claims against you.


Our legal terms of service are available here:



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